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Crossing Borders – Border Crossings

Border Crossings – Crossing Borders

Overcoming borders - this has always been a central task of science and research. And especially in Berlin, the experience of border demarcations and border shifts has been deeply engraved in the history of the city. With the new Interdisciplinary Centre (IC) "Border Crossings - Crossing Borders. Berlin Centre for Transnational Border Research", Humboldt University of Berlin (HU) is bringing together its forces in this field.


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The overcoming of borders also and above all concerns the overcoming of disciplinary borders. This is the only way for research today to do justice to such a complex topic. Accordingly, "Border Crossings - Crossing Borders" has set itself the goal of gathering specialised expertise. The viewpoints of different disciplines on the Center's issues are intended to question the Center's own familiar approach and thus raise new research questions. Its members include ethnologists, historians, jurists and cultural scientists from various areas of the world. There are also members from the fields of Gender Studies and Art History.

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