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PD Dr. Nenad Stefanov



Nenad Stefanov is historian and scientific coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Center
"Crossing Borders." One research focus in this context is the social
Production of borders. In Yugoslavia, authoritarian and populist movements were particularly the 1980s, which introduced new forms of demarcation based on ethnically homogeneous communities. The subsequent materialization of such ethnic segregation, their dominance, emerges from equally conflictual social processes, in which authoritarian patterns of action become hegemonic.
A further research area is the study of communication lines in the perspective
Long duration on the territory of the Central Balkan. For example, with the traffic line, which is epochs of Central Europe and Asia Minor, and which were described as Via Militaris or Orta Kol in the Ottoman period, gained prominence with the Orient Express. (Link to Orta Kolproject) the Ottoman period, gained prominence with the Orient Express. 


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