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Current projects

Do you want to get involved in an existing project? Or start a new project (with other volunteers)? A non-exhaustive list of current projects is below and ideas for new ones are in "possible projects". Check them out and get in touch!
Studium Oecologicum 

This ongoing project will eventually become an interdisciplinary elective module allowing students or faculty to take courses in the areas of ecology and sustainability. This involves a lecture series and a still-emerging selection of workshops, seminars, etc., in which the current academic greats pass on their sustainability knowledge. At the moment it is possible to receive a Studium Oecologicum sustainability certificate.

Sustainability Office International

Unlike most of the project groups, this group is conducted in English and is a small but growing group of students interested in connecting Humboldt University more on the international scene. We are students looking to work with other students for the purposes of dialogue and knowledge transfer for concrete local solutions to e.g. effects of the climate crisis.

Join us on Tues. 18 May 2021 between 8 and 9:30pm for our third discussion event. The aim of the event is to bring together individuals to discuss topics of sustainability, this time: How can you contribute to Berlin’s Sustainable Summer? Which climate- and/or environmentally-friendly Berlin initiatives do you know and how can we get involved? We'd love to see some new faces so come along for a no-stress round of shared ideas, info and experiences. The discussion will be held in English on Zoom: (Meeting ID: 689 3770 2346)

NachHall Podcast

The podcast team is on the scene whenever there is a sustainability lecture, an event or an exciting ideas evening. Most podcasts have been in German so far - if you have your own idea for an English-language epidsode, check them out on spotify or youtube and get in touch!

The Redistributors

Over 20 kg of electronic waste is produced per person in Germany alone each year, and over 50 kg of food per person yearly. The Redistributors (UMVERTEILER in German) was created in cooperation with student cafés to facilitate the sharing or gifting of food, kitchen utensils, tools and other items. During the pandemic we are sharing low-resource use tips online - check us out on Facebook or Instagram and get in touch.