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Survey: Religious Leaders' Perspectives on Corona

Survey: Religious Leaders' Perspectives on Corona

The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted people's lives all over the world. In this unprecedented situation, the perspectives of religious leaders are of fundamental importance. The Research Programme RCSD hence conducts the Online-Survey: Religious Leaders' Perspectives on Corona. How are religious leaders guiding their communities in the current situation and what is their vision for the time after the pandemic?

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The survey is addressed to leaders of all religious communities, as well as leaders of inter-confessional or interreligious organisations. It will take approx. 15 minutes and can be done in English, French or Arabic.


Update on the survey Religious Leaders' Perspectives on Corona

Twitter Survey Update

Answering our corona survey, 75% of religious leaders find it important or extremely important to reduce inequality between rich & poor and to increase international cooperation.



Update on the survey Religious Leaders' Perspectives on Corona

12 04 1

Religious leaders most frequently chose unemployment, closure of educational institutions and poverty as the three biggest problems in their community during the #COVID19. Access the survey:









USAID Evidence Summit Rel Leaders Perspectives on Corona Seite 01

Ekkardt Sonntag presented premilinary results of our online survey "Religious Leaders' Perspectives on Corona". You can find the presentation here.