Religion – Knowledge – Discourse





  • Oct 28/29th 2015: Workshop on "Tradition – Moderne  – Postmoderne: Der Stellenwert von Religion für die Gesellschaft am Beispiel des Freiheitskonzeptes" mit Dr. Dr. Teresa Forcades i Vila (Barcelona). (Invitation and futher information (Workshopplan and CV Forcades)


  • Aug 31st - Sep 2nd 2015: Workshop on "Universal political ethics in the context of the plurality of religions"with Prof. Dr. Moh‘d Khair Eiedat (University of Jordan) (Invitation and further information)


  • Jul 15th 2015: "Voices on Orientalism" — an evening of reflection and discussion (further information: here)


  • SoSe 2015: Interdisciplinary course: "Religion - Knowledge - Discourse" (for further information see the outline or the AGNES link: here)
  • Feb, 16/17th 2015:    Workshop with Dr. Véronique Altglas (Queens University, Belfast)

"From Yoga to Kabbalah - Workshop on "Doing Research on Religion""


  • Jan, 16/17th 2015: RWD-Colloquium


  • Nov, 14th 2014: Workshop with Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb (Dar al-Kalima University College in Bethlehem)