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"MINT-Town" - Critical Thinking Trainings

Fostering critical thinking by a gamification approach

We develop and validate (in a quantitative study) a modern, game-oriented, digital learning environment (“MINT-Town”) to foster two of the 21st century skills - critical thinking and problem solving - in the context of STEM education. The embedded gamification elements (i.e. quests, dialogs, avatars) increase the students’ engagement to work on complex problems.

The game consists of two parts: 1) the tutorial, and 2) the chemical part.

In part one, the player is confronted with a general STEM oriented problem situation; he has time to learn the basic controls of the game and several critical thinking subskills while the questline leads him through the problem-solving process.

In part two, the player has to transfer the acquired abilities to a specific chemical context.

The tutorial’s part is done, and has been validated by an expert rating; the chemical part is still under development.

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